Leave a Message Siouxland

Date: Tuesday, September 6, 2016
Time: 11:45am - 1:00pm
Location: Marina Inn, South Sioux City
Speaker: Heather Hennings, United Way of Siouxland; Erin Webber-Dreeszen, Sioux City Art Center; Linda Santi, Siouxland Center for Active Generations

Leave a Message Siouxland is a local awareness campaign to educate the public about the impact of planned giving. The group is currently recruiting nonprofit organizations to become members of the effort, and will ultimately, provide a searchable resource for financial and legal professionals to refer clients to when deciding whether to make a planned gift.  The group is working in tandem with other planned giving efforts across Siouxland as a resource for our community.

Learning Objectives of this Presentation:

  • Why Leave a Message began the effort.
  • How we can bring people together and share the message.
  • Goals for the awareness campaign for 2016 and beyond.

Presenter Bios:

  • Heather Hennings is the President at United Way of Siouxland.  In her role at United Way, she has seen the power of collaboration, and is passionate about connecting community members and nonprofits of all types to impact the Siouxland community.
  • Erin Webber-Dreeszen is the Development Coordinator for the Sioux City Art Center.  Erin’s love for people inspired her to become involved with the Leave a Message Siouxland team, and she’s devoted countless hours to helping the project get off the ground.
  • Linda Santi is the Executive Director at the Siouxland Center for Active Generations.  Linda is a Sioux City native, and her work has brought her Des Moines, New Orleans and recently back to her roots.  Linda’s community connections have supported the work of the project over the past year.
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